Saturday 11 June 2016

Paper Quilled Earrings

This post is all about earrings made out of quilling paper. I made "jhumkas"(Indian traditional round shaped earring) on which i have painted some pattern with acrylic paint. I have used weaving basket and honey comb technique for the other earrings. 

To protect the earring from water, I used varnish as a top coat

I made simple roll out of quilling paper to make this stud. I painted the earring with blue color to match with my dress.

I made multiple earrings and painted some pattern on earring. One can make their own earring as per their dress combination.

I also made the earring made out of clay, still it takes time for drying, will post in the upcoming week.

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  1. Thank for stopping by my blog :-) your works are equally good. Try to use acrylic paint specially for making it more appealing.