Saturday 10 June 2017

Silk Thread Jewelry

Happiness is making your own jewelry of your taste that closely matches your outfit at less price.I thought of giving a try for making silk thread jewelry which was a long pending hobby for me. Making silk thread jewelry was not only easy but quiet a lot of fun too.

Silk threads are available in local shop ranging from 15INR (Indian Rupee) to 20INR and one can make lot of earrings, bangles & necklace out of it. Other raw materials also available for making the same. 

Silk thread
Here are some raw materials which can be used for making silk thread jewelry. Refer the video.

Part of raw materials (Stone and ball chains)

I made bangles, Jhumkha, necklace and stud from the molds available in shops.

Making of Jhumkha Earring:

Make a thick strands of thread around 20-30 strip and apply glue in the starting point of the thread with molds and wrap it till the end.
Use earring head cap in the top of the jhumkha with the help of eye loop pin and finish it.
One can stick stones or ball chain in the bottom of the jhumkha to make it wonderful.

Jhumkha Earring - using base

Making of Earring stud:

There are several ways of making the stud. One of the method is using round earring base by wrapping the silk thread all over and finish it off by sticking the stones on them.

Earring stud - Using base

Next one is using canvas sheet by sticking the rhinestones in the middle followed by ball chains and stone chain based on your idea.

Earring stud - Using canvas sheet

One can use quilling round coil and start sticking the stones like the previous one. Even ready-made earring studs are available in all the shops.

Readymade stud

Making of Bangle:

Bangle making is very easy. One can wrap the silk thread all over the bangle base and at last stick the stones on them.

Bangle set for matching saree

Different varieties of Bangle 

Different varieties of Bangle 

Materials Required
  • Silk thread
  • Jhumkha base
  • Bangle base
  • Necklace base
  • Earring head cap
  • Eye loop pin
  • Head Pin
  • Running stone
  • Running ball chain
  • Glue
  • Rhinestone
  • Canvas sheet for making stud
  • Pearl 
  • Beads
  • Gear wire
  • Gear lock
  • Necklace cord
Tools Required
  • Cutter
  • Nose pliers
  • Scissors
Items are bought from 
  • Tina art & craft (Vadapalani, Chennai,India) 
  • RK Embroidery(Sowcarpet,Chennai,India) where one can get different types of materials at less price
  • Variety Center(Anna Nagar, Chennai,India)
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