Thursday, 14 April 2016

Nail Art -- Flamboyant ‘Fest-eves’

India is very rightly classified as a country of festivals and so only India has scores and scores of festivals, unlike any other country of the world. This is because of the diverse cultures that exist in this subcontinent. All these different cultures and religions get tied together in bonds of love with these invisible threads of celebrations. Each sect has the right to celebrate as it wishes and everyone has the right and the interest to join in all celebrations of all others.
True to the above belief, I have tried to portray major 5 festivals from different parts of India through my nail art which namely are Durga Puja/Dussehara, Eid/Moharam, Christmas, Pongal and Diwali (sequence starting from thumb finger).

Materials Used: Nail Polish, Nail acrylic Paints, Paint brush
Time Taken: Less than 1 hour

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