Thursday 14 April 2016

Nail Art -- Simple Nail Art tutorial

This is my first post for Nail art :) The concept of nail art became popular and very interesting one. Remember that the good looking nails equally reflect a part of your dress up. And I am sure that if you try this art once, you will really enjoy it and you would find yourself lost with this. According to me this art is purely based on ones imagination, and you can therefore design your nails according to what is the need of the hour. The best part of the story is that it is not so much time consuming and also not so costly.

Flower Design:
  • First of all using Nail Polish remover, remove old nail polish and make sure that the nails are properly cleaned.
  • Now, apply one thin layer of base coat (it would protect the nails from staining). Leave it to dry. If you think that the base is not strong, then better add one more thin layer over it. But avoid thick layers as it takes a lot of time to dry properly.
  • Next, apply the black color nail polish and wait for few minutes. Let them dry.
  • Use gold color nail polish to make straight lines on the tip of your nails as shown in the picture.
  • Now take teal color nail polish and make four dots in the black base color with the help of toothpick or ball pin or dotter tool.
  • Use sharpened tip of the toothpick and make a line from tip of the dot to the center(i.e Drag the toothpick) Do the same for remaining dots.
  • Make another dot in center to look like a flower.
  • Now comes the most important step, the top coat. Not using top coat can completely damage your hard work and the creation. Make it sure that before you apply top coat the initial nail paint is completely dried, otherwise it may intervene with other colors. I suggest that you must wait for atleast 15 minutes before you use top coat.

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