Wednesday 17 April 2019

Love Is Art - Canvas Painting

Hello everyone,

I'm back with the canvas painting series using acrylic colors. This painting was inspired by the artist Varsha Khartmal. When I saw her painting, I was speechless and fell in love with all her paintings.
This painting took lot of time and effort,indeed the best one. (lol) You can see how vibrant and vivid. I have used yellow color in most of my paintings.
Got a chance to upgrade my camera.These pictures are taken in my new Mirrorless camera and I love the quality of the pics. I have created a video tutorial for this painting,subscribe to my channel Art conquers for more videos

  • Draw a rough sketch on the canvas board
  • First,color the background with blue acrylic and lotus leaves
  • Later, color the hair, followed by face,neck and hand
  • Use metallic colors for the ornaments
  • Paint the lotus with shades of pink acrylic.
  • For the outfit, use orange and yellow acrylic.
  • Atlast, apply a coat of varnish for the glossy look.
Supplies Used:
  • Canvas Board 11*14
  • Acrylic colors from fevicryl,liquitex and folk art
  • Metallic colors from Fevicryl
  • Round Brush Size 2,4,8
  • Varnish
Thanks for visiting my page and have a great day


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