Tuesday 24 September 2019

Watercolor painting series 2 - Seascape

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Happy Weekend! It's gonna be a productive weekend for me, lot of things need to be done for my girl's Birthday Celebration. I can't sleep at night, worried that everything should go as planned. Do you know how to be calm and contend during these situations? I think the easiest way to distract myself is to paint, so decided to do it in my way using watercolors.
Why did I choose watercolor again? Because of its nature, even once watercolor paint has dried, it remains water soluble. You can re-wet the dried paint with water on a brush and it will ‘turn’ back into paint. And the best is I can complete my project within a hour or so.
For this project, I have used a photos of "Mackinaw Bridge"from the last year's trip. It was an enjoyable and a cold trip for us, I will cherish the memories forever. I tried my level best to preserve those memories through my watercolor painting.
I have used Arches paper and camlin watercolor cake, I had so much fun in creating the waves. I have shared a video for this painting. Subscribe to my channel for more videos.

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