Saturday 17 September 2016

Pattaya - Bangkok CHECKED

An international trip is always a special one.We booked our trip through tours & travel for Pattaya-Bangkok. The happiness is when you get on arrival Visa for any country as it is hassle free. We were very much excited for this trip. We reached Bangkok airport around 2am. It took almost 1hr to get through the Visa Processing. We were waiting for our guide to pick us up. We find it little hard to communicate with the native people as they were not aware of English.Also we had no change in local currency to contact our travel person. It was almost 2 hrs we waited , and then we got a mobile from a local guy and contacted tourist guide and told the exact location, later he came and picked us up.

The itinerary was fixed by our tours & travel and so as we had to travel 4 hrs from the airport to Pattaya by van. Our program was scheduled to start from 3pm, so we took some rest and then roamed nearby beach which was 1km away from our hotel.

Hilton Hotel -Pattaya 

Our tourist guide picked us at 3pm for Gems Gallery. Inside the gallery they will take you for a small and cute ride in a tram kind of vehicle with perfect ambience. They will mainly portray about the extraction procedure of a gem stone from a raw one. It was pretty impressive.

Gems Gallery 

Later we arrived to see the greatest show in Asia named "ALCAZAR Show". One can see marvelous combination of music, dance and drama. Its kind of a different performance which we generally wont see with blend of beauty, art and native cultural aspects. The whole show was awesome. After the show, one can take photos with ALCAZAR's aka performers. You need to be little careful about giving the tips.

Alcazar Show 

The next day, we had a whole day trip to Coral Island(Koh Lan) which is a small group of island located few miles off the coast of Pattaya.

Pattaya Coast 

We reached middle of the sea by speed boat. We could see people parasailing. We were so scared yet excited to do the same. This was the first time experience for most and we loved it too. Next was sea walking, but it was highly expensive however we opt for it. But finally we couldn't make it because of little sea sickness which one should be little careful of.


Later they took us to the other side of the land, where one can do boat and banana ride. We took some rest for 1 hr and again traveled to Pattaya. Our day at Pattaya come to an end and we traveled to Bangkok.

The next in our itinerary was city temple tour of Bangkok. First we visited Wat Traimit (Temple of the Golden Buddha) is an elegant multilevel white and gold temple.The main attraction on Wat Traimit is not only its beautiful architecture, but the immense Buddha made of solid gold seated inside, the largest of this kind in the world.

Wat Traimit (Temple of the Golden Buddha) 

Our last stop is the truly spectacular Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple), named for the glistening white Carrara marble from Italy used in its construction. The most modern and one of the most elegant of Bangkok's royal temple.

 Wat Benchamabophit (Marble Temple) 

Other highlights include the large collection of bronze Buddha images that line the spacious inner courtyard, and the magnificent decoration of the interior with its crossbeams of lacquer and gold.

Lord Buddha 

Our last day was Safari World Tour. Safari World is one of the best places to visit in Bangkok. On the way to bird park, we saw lot of colorful parrots which is truly amazing.

 Colorful parrot 

We visited Bird park, where one can feed the birds. We fed the cute little parrots by giving them the food.

Parrot Feeding 

On the way we saw different animals. One good thing is that we were able to see all the animals at a close distant.

Majestic Tiger 

We saw many people paying money for a token to take photos with python,Koala bear and tiger cubs.

White Tiger 

Safari has a number of shows and is spread in a wide area. So, make sure you have enough time to visit and enjoy this place. We saw the Orangutan show. It was cute and funny. Then we saw the sea lion,dolphin and Cow boy shows. All the shows were best and wonderful.

Sea Lion Show 

Later we visited Giraffe Park where one can feed them by giving their favorite food Banana. At last they took us in a vehicle and showed the entire zoo. The zoo was very huge and told about the history of zoo and animals. Our day was well spent in Safari world Tour.

Giraffe Park 

The best time to visit Thailand is from November to March.

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