Saturday 30 June 2018

Purple mixed media| Mixed media using stencil

Hello everyone,

This post is all about mixed media, I'm going crazy for this art. As I'm new to this, trying various and different techniques. For this, I used a traditional mandala stencil which looks lovely on my project.

I used mandala stencil and created a background, later I painted them with watercolor,ink and chalk paint. I used a contrast sunset image and placed it in the middle covered the sides with patterned paper. I rolled the paper painted with mint green and purple and tied them with a thread,placed them on the yellow patterned paper.
Closer look of the mixed media

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Thursday 28 June 2018

ATC Mixed Media

Hello everyone,

Today I came up with a post of making a ATC . What is ATC ? Even I was not aware of it until I discovered from other blogs and by googling. As the name suggests Artist Trading card ,one can trade/swap their cards with each other. The size of the card should be 2.5inches x 3.5 inches, exactly the size of the playing cards and a pocket friendly too.
I tried this ATC for the first time and I had so much fun in doing this Mixed media ATC .
I took a card of size of 2.5"x3.5", covered the base with tissue paper to give a texture. I painted them with acrylics,sprayed the ink. Later designed with embellishments and the quotes. Can you guess what are the embellishment used here ? I made them with my old,unused earrings :)
Closer look of my handwritten quotes.

I took this picture to show the size of the ATC card by keeping distress ink next to it. 

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Monday 25 June 2018

Colors of pastel Mixed Media Canvas

Hello Everyone,

Today I came up with a mixed media art in pastel colors. Here I chose family as the focal point and then the key which represents "Life is journey and only you hold the key"

For the background,I stained them with distress ink to give a vintage look,.I used stencil with modeling paste,fussy cut the scrapbook,frame chipboard,pink flowers and leaves,colored pebbles and at last sprayed the canvas with Lindy's

Closer look of the project

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  • Morethanwordschallenge(For this Challenge, I used map as the background. Inspired by the word "Journey" by placing a family photo showing their life is a journey  and connected to the key interprets that Life is journey and only you(family) hold the key.

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Saturday 23 June 2018

Twofer Card Challenge | CAS Christmas Greeting Card | CAS Birthday Card | DIY Birthday Card|

Hello Everyone,

I made two CAS Cards for Twofer card challenge. I loved the idea that one should design two different cards for two different occasion using same dies or stamp. This challenge helps us to create unique and innovative cards using the same stamp/dies. I wanted to participate in this challenge to show my creativity. I made a Christmas and a Birthday card using my Christmas tree stamp.

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Thursday 14 June 2018

Nature Mixed Media Art | Beach Mixed Media Art | Journey Mixed Media Art

A place I enjoy the most is Beach. The waves touches the feet is the wonderful feeling ever and makes us to forget the stressful life. The beach is not only known as a place to relax ,but as a place of beauty. One can visit the beach at any season be it a summer,winter or rainy. In my experience, one can visit the beach during rainy season,Petrichor,the pleasant earthen smell is the best thing in the world. I tried the beach scene in my Mixed Media Art.

  • Apply gesso on the plain MDF board
  • Color the sky with blue and sea green chalk paint and the beach sand with acrylic color 
  • Apply modeling paste over the sentcil like plants,dragonfly,butterfly and shells and color them once it dries.
  • Use texture paste for the look of beach foam/waves
  • Make the flip flop and birds using quilling paper and stick it on the board
  • For creating the word "RELAX", cut a cardboard in the shapes of alphabet and cover them with map.
  • Dab some black distress ink on the edges for a vintage look

Closer look of my project shows map is used for the alphabets.
I have shared the video in my Youtube Channel ArtConquers. Please subscribe to my channel for more DIY,Art & craft

Materials Used:
  • MDF Board
  • Papercious Heavy gesso white
  • Papercious Chalk paint 
  • Fevicryl Acrylic paint
  • Stencil
  • Quilling paper
  • Map

Made the flip flop with quilling paper, my all time favorite quilling technique

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  • Artplayground JUNE-PLAY-GO-WITH-THE-FLOW ( For the this challenge, I used the shades of blue,pink,hues of orange and created a flow movement in the form of waves/foam of beach, the first thing anyone can notice and next moves to the flip flop made from quilling paper, then to the sides and top portion.

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Monday 11 June 2018

DIY MISTI Stamping tool | MISTI Stamping tool at home|Homemade Stamp positioner|Handmade Christmas card

MISTI,Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented helps in consistent stamping. As I am new to card making,it is very difficult for me to stamp the image. I saw videos people using MISTI tool for continuous stamping which is expensive. I decided to make my own version of MISTI Stamping tool at home. I made a Christmas card with my own MISTI tool

I have shared the video for the same.

Closer look of my card

Sorry for the reverse "HO HO HO"

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Please let me know how it works/helpful for you and suggest me if you have any other idea of making MISTI  stamping tool.
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Saturday 9 June 2018

Farm Card | Happy Day card | Animal card

When I saw  Casology cue card as farm, all I was thinking about farmville game in facebook. It was my favourite game during my college days and I used to play like crazy. I was getting up early in the morning around 2'o clock for harvesting the farm to prevent plants from withering(lol). My dad used to scold me that I'm getting up this much early for playing but not studying. I was very much addicted to that game reached 200+ level and played almost three years. It sounds so funny now :) Good Old Memories.

I'm new to card making and don't have much supplies, so did lot of shopping yesterday and got many items.I searched for barn stamp to look like farmville but i couldn't find one, so got a animal stamp.

  • In a cardstock, watercolor the background
  • Stamped the pig in a paper, color them and trim the shape out
  • Stick the pig onto to the cardstock and stamp the sentiment

Colored the pig dirty to shows that he is having a happy day to go well with my sentiment.

Materials Used:
  • Clear Stamps
  • Tim Holtz Black Distress ink
  • Tubby craft light pink dye 
  • Cardstock
  • Watercolor

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