Saturday 25 June 2016

Terracotta Air Dry Clay: Paper Clay Vs Natural Clay

In ancient time, terracotta art were used for living. But now it became a fantasy and hobby.

I always wanted to make terracotta jewellery.Making terracotta jewellery is not that simple, it needs baking. I went through multiple sites and did research on how to bake the clay. I find it to be difficult. Then i came to know about air dry clay through one of my friend. 

There are different varieties of air dry clay and many brands too.

I just picked Natural clay and started doing a simple stud, i allowed it to dry for 24 hours, but the stud was too brittle and cracked here and there. So the next time i made a thick stud, but the end results were same as the previous one.

I wanted to try some some other clay and then i got "NARA Paper clay" and started my work. My first attempt of making the terracotta Jhumkha came good without any crack and it was kind of strong. But one disadvantage is that the outer surface is not smooth as i expected,though i was happy with the end results and painted my Jhumkha with acrylic.

Here are my collection of terracotta earrings.

So put your awesome imagination to start with terracotta jewellery making and do please let me know, the best air dry clay for making terracotta jewellery.

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